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Herman Göring Technical Achievement Medal Herman Göring Medal for Outstanding Achievements in the Technical branch of the Luftwaffe. (Medaille für Ausgezeichnete Technische Leistung). This medal was instituted by Oberbefehlshaber der Luftwaffe Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring, instituted on or after the promotion of Göring to Reichsmarschall on 19th July 1940. there is thought to be very few of these awards existing.

The medal was made from silvered zinc and was intended to reward Outstanding technical achievements in the Air Force which could not be awarded with the War Merit Cross or a similar award. This medal should be considered as a very rare award for a very important branch off the German Luftwaffe. The exact number off awards is not currently known.

This medal was awarded in a black presentation case and with an award certificate. In most cases it is extremely rare to find the case, medal and certificate together. It was awarded to those whose actions were deemed to be in the furtherance of the luftwaffe war effort but not directly involved in military operations, such as Luftwaffe Technical designers and architects etc. Members of the V1 and V2 rocket teams are know to have been awarded these medals.

The medal is 75mm in diameter and 3mm in width at the edge. The translation on the front reads "The commander - in Chief of the Air Force, Reichsmarschall Göring" The reverse features the eagle emblem of the Luftwaffe and the translation reads "For outstanding achievements in the technical branch of the Air Force."

Herman Göring Technical Achievement Medal
Herman Göring Technical Achievement Medal

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