Terms & Conditions:

MY SALES GUARANTEE: I do not sell replica items unless stated. I aim to offer you a competitive and fair military collectable service. All items are guaranteed to have been manufactured on or before 1945 unless otherwise stated, I offer a guarantee that if a customer is not satisfied in any way with the item or items received the item or items can be returned. For U.K. based customers return period within 10 days of receipt of order. European based customers within 15 days of receipt of order. All other parts of the World within 20 days of receipt of order. All funds paid by the customer with the exception of postage & Paypal costs will be refunded. All items returned must be returned in the same condition as received. If there is any tampering with or damage to the items, including transit, Fallschirmjager.Biz reserves the right to refuse refunds.

Gold, Silver & Bronze Terms: This term is used purely to define the coloration or the grade of a certain award and does not imply, unless otherwise stated, that the item is manufactured from pure gold, silver or bronze.

Coin & Condition Terms:

Fine (F): Worn over whole area, but only the highest spots are worn completely through. (US: VF-20).
Very Fine (VF): Detail clear, but obvious evidence of very limited circulation. High spots worn but detail remains. Traces of mint lustre may linger amongst the letters of the inscription. (US: EF-40).
Extremely Fine (EF): Slight wear on high spots on close inspection, and all other detail clear and sharp. Much mint lustre may remain. May appear uncirculated to the naked eye. (US: MS-60).
Uncirculated (Unc): No wear at all, although it is possible for the design not to be fully struck up in the minting process. There may be bag abrasions. Older coins may be tarnished or toned.(US: MS-62 to 65).

Payments: Payments can be made either by cheque, postal orders, international money orders or Paypal. All payments must be made in £GBP (UK Pounds Stirling). Each item will indicate UK, European and Worldwide postage charges. Paypal charges will also be indicated. I currently do not take credit or debit card payments.

Overseas Deliveries: We cannot be responsible for any Customs duties and taxes levied by the Customs organisations in the Country of delivery nor for the return or confiscation of such items. Check with your local Customs office. Returned items costs will be refunded less postal and/or Paypal charges.

Credit Free Terms: Items must be over £100 in value. I will lay aside an item up to a maximum of 6 months and you can pay interest free on a monthly basis. If the item is not paid for in full by the end of the 6 month period I retain the right to retain the first monthly instalment and I will return any remaining monies already paid.


Payments: I will pay for any item that I have agreed to purchase either by cheque, postal order, cash (on delivery) or Paypal after discussion with the seller. I will pay within 5 working days after agreeing to purchase an item.

Travel: Generally I will travel up to approximately 30miles radius of Bedford, UK. I will not make any charge to travel to see your item. I will make best efforts by email, telephone etc. to ascertain if I require an item before inspecting the item in person. For distances greater than 30 miles I recommend taking several good quality digital pictures and emailing them to me. I attend several military fairs in the UK and abroad and can also arrange to view an item before or after such a fair at your convenience.


Terms & ID: The 'Seller' is the person providing the item to me to sell on behalf of the 'Seller'. I may require identification evidence from every Seller (one of the following: passport, driving license, utility bill or other photo IDs), before I can act on the Seller's behalf.

The Item(s): I agree to act as agent for the Seller. I do not buy the lot from the Seller. The Seller remains solely responsible for any: statement which the Seller makes about or description of a lot including but not limited to references as to its ownership, origin, date, age, or authenticity; and faults or defects in any lot; and other things the Seller does or says in relation to the lot including but not limited to any breach of these Terms. The Seller must satisfy themselves that the information which I record regarding each lot is true and accurate.

The Buyer: I do not act on behalf of the Buyer. I cannot guarantee the existence of, or bids made by, a Buyer or other bidders and is not responsible for anything they do or say in relation to a lot, including but not limited to any breach of the rules of the Site (the site Rules). I will however use reasonable skill and care in offering each lot for sale on the Site in accordance with the following parameters: the Seller shall be entitled to put a reserve price on any lot but must do so before I place the lot for sale on the Site (a Reserve ); I have absolute discretion to refuse any bid, to divide any lot, to combine any two or more lots or to withdraw any lot from sale as permitted by the Rules; and the highest bidder reasonably acceptable to me shall be the Buyer; and subject to the provisions of the site Rules if, during the sale of a lot, the Company considers that a dispute has arisen, or in any other circumstances in which it would be reasonable, I may immediately put up the lot again for sale or, alternatively, I shall be the sole arbitrator in any dispute between bidders and my decision shall be final and binding on all concerned.

Purchase Price & Commission: In return for the provision of my services, the Seller authorises the me to deduct commission of one third of the purchase price paid by the Seller. If the Seller sets a reserve, this reserve cost will also be deducted prior to the seller receiving payment. Where I have to make Home Collections of items from the Seller's home a fee of £10 plus the congestion charge, if applicable, will also be charged. Where a Seller cancels instructions for the sale, I will charge the a fee of £10 as a contribution towards its reasonable handling costs.

I shall remit the remainder of the purchase price received from the Buyer to the Seller within six weeks of the end of seven days of the Buyer receiving possession of the lot from me. A dispute with the Site or a bank will pause this period.

Where any lot fails to sell, I will notify the Seller accordingly. The Seller will make arrangements: for me to re-offer the lot for sale for a fee of £10; or to collect the lot within 7 days of being so notified; or to authorise me to donate it or sell it with proceeds minus a charge to cover its reasonable administration costs to go to a recognised military charity. If such arrangements are not made within 7 days of notifying the Seller that their lot has not sold, the I shall donate it or sell it with proceeds minus a charge to cover its reasonable administration costs to go to a recognised military charity.

Seller's Obligations: The Seller confirms that: all information supplied regarding the Seller's identity and each lot is true and accurate; and it is the owner of the lot, or is properly authorised to sell the lot by the true owner, and that it is able to transfer full ownership of the lot to the Buyer free from any other claim; and it is selling as a private individual and not acting in the course of a business, accordingly any agreement between Seller and Buyer will be a private sale; and it is not registered for VAT. In addition to these Terms & Conditions it will comply with the Rules for each auction Site.

Banned Items: The following list is not exhuastive but items that cannot be sold on the auction sites I use are: Gravity Knives, Firearms (deactived firearms with certificate are allowed to be sold to UK buyers) and live ammunition or ordinance (deactivated ammunition/ordinance can be sold). Items with Swastica's, Adolf Hitlers portrait and Anti-Semetic or similar phrases cannot be sold to Germany, Austria and Italy.

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