Third Party Sales:

Fallschirmjager.Biz Selling your items on your behalf:

X-Sale Items: I offer a great service if you wish to sell your item but want the best possible auction price for it! Why use just Ebay when there is a whole host of military auction sites out there! I use the same marketing techniques and Web design as I do with my items, helping to ensure you get the best possible price! The whole process is straightforward and you could be surprised with the final selling price! Have a look at the process below:

1. Send or deliver your item to me plus a minimal description.
2. I place it on the most sellable website (it may not be Ebay!).
3. I receive payment, deduct one third and send you the full remainder.
4. Item is sent to the buyer.

Why Use this Service? There are several reasons why this service is good for you:

a. Once the item is with me all the hassle of selling is also with me!
b. I can sell via Websites, personal contacts, dealers and via this site.
c. Ebay will not allow Nazi symbol items, I know auction sites that do!
d. I use Web marketing techniques to ensure a world wide audience!
e. Physical auction houses are limited in audience - generally the web is better!
f. Ebay restricts personal users to a 10 day auction, I also use sites that don't.
g. I use several non-english speaking sites, again ensuring huge visibility!
h. I attend military auctions & fairs every week (UK & abroad), your item will be with me!
i. The price you want to sell your item for is your decision but I will offer you guidance.
j. Finally, your item is worth something to somone, can you be sure your advert or auction will reach that person - I will try my best to ensure that it does!

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