Information: Badges & Awards:
Here you will find useful information relating to World War Two Fallschirmjäger badges and awards. Many awards were of course common across all arms of the Wehrmacht and not peculiar to the Fallschirmjaeger. Please feel free to email me with any comments or improvements to this information.
1. Heer Fallschirmjager Award badge in zinc 1943: In 1943 the Army Paratrooper award badge was re-instituted. This section gives opinions on this badge and how to spot fakes being sold as original.
2. Iron Cross II Class: Adolf Hitler restored the Iron Cross in 1939 as a German decoration (rather than Prussian as in earlier versions), continuing the tradition of issuing it in various grades.
3. Nahkampfspange - Close Combat Clasp: Instituted on November 25, 1942 for achievement in hand to hand fighting in close quarters. The Close Combat Clasp was worn above the upper left uniform pocket. This badge was also awarded to German Paratroopers around the time of the introduction of the Luftwaffe Close Combat Clasp.
4. Herman Göring Medal for Outstanding Achievements in the Technical branch of the Luftwaffe: (Medaille für Ausgezeichnete Technische Leistung). This medal was instituted by Oberbefehlshaber der Luftwaffe Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring, instituted on or after the promotion of Göring to Reichsmarschall on 19.07.1940.

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