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WW2 American Helmet Paint, Cork & Restorer: Do you have a WWII USA M1, M2 or M1C helmet and you want to repaint it or restore it to its original colour scheme? Well this section should meet your needs, please Email me if you require more information. All my paint/conditioner is sold to refurbish one helmet but will usually do at least two helmets & the decal paint will do several WW2 Helmets!

All you do is to follow the the instructions emailed to you after your purchase, I like to ensure that all my customers get the best from the products they purchase!

Postage, Packaging & Handling:
USA & Canada
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Please Email me if you want to purchase any of the Helmet paints or cleaner.

The current Range of WW2 USA Helmet Paint & Refurbishers:
ETO Stripe Decal Large M1 M2 M1C Helmet Restorer/Conditioner: A super bit of kit! This conditioner will not only clean your M1 Helmet but also protect it from further rusting. It is made from Bee's Wax and will restore rust and paintwork. You should NOT use oils on your helmet not only does it evaporate quickly put it will start to 'lift' the paintwork after a time! The picture is an original helmet with half of it cleaned with the restorer! £8.99 + £1.90 UK P+P.
M2 M1C Helmet Cork and Paint M1 M2 M1C Helmet Olive Drab Matt No1 & Cork: Sold to do one helmet & liner but should cover two helmets if frugal with it. It sticks like glue and if the instructions are followed you can hand paint it and it will look factory finished spray painted! £12.99 + £1.90 UK P+P.
USA Helmet Paint - White M1 M2 M1C Helmet Decal Paint - White No1: Sold to do one helmet & liner decal set but will easily cover several helmet decals. This is Matt paint and like the original is not water based but genuine oil based! Ideal for use with helmet decals. £8.99 + £1.90 UK P+P.

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