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French Normandy Carentan farmhouse to rent Carentan French Holiday cottage for Rent: This cottage is situated in probably the best location for visiting the battlefields around Carentan and in particular the various participating units: 501st, 502d & 506th PIR's, Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 6 and the The 17th Waffen SS Panzergrenadier Division. Being just outside Carentan, it also allows privacy and a central point to visit all the Normandy attractions.

It was at the heart of the 501st PIR actions in 1944 and is likely to have served as an American (possibly Airborne), aid station but was also occupied by the German forces as many WW2 German items were found during renovation.

The Gíte is a renovated stone house situated in the rural and tranquil village of St Georges de Bohon in historic Normandy. The house is surrounded by fields in the heart of the countryside with picturesque villages just a short walk away. It is just south of Carentan which is excellent as it means you are not in the heart of the main landing zones but you are within easy access offering privacy and easy access to the main sites!

House information - St Georges de Bohon, Normandy, France:
Carentan farmhouse for rent The house is just outside the town of Carentan which has many restaurants, cafés and shops as well as large supermarkets, tourist information office, marina and new indoor swimming pool. There is a train station if you want to travel further a field for a day out in Paris for example. All of the D-Day landing beaches are very close by as well as many famous battlefield sites.

There are also military museums, the town of St Mere Église, the first town liberated by the American Airborne made famous in the film "The Longest Day" and the American Cemetery at Omaha beach amongst numerous other historic sites and landmarks.

The house sleeps 5 adults comfortably. The master bedroom has a King-size bed and a single bed whilst the second room has bunk beds. There is a double sofa bed downstairs. A travel cot is supplied if required and is located underneath the master bed.

501st Parachute Infantry Unit House The driveway has ample parking for several vehicles and a patio area for dining. Barbeque and patio furniture is also provided. The local area is fairly flat and excellent for cycling and walking. The house has been restored in keeping with its French character, retaining many of its original features. The kitchen is fully equipped with a electric cooker, hob and microwave. There is a TV with a DVD/CD player. Wash facilities consist of a shower room and WC situated on the ground floor.

The house itself was once part of two farm laborers cottages and would originally have been thatched. During WW2 the whole area was subjected to very fierce hedgerow fighting.The house and village were shelled by the Americans trying to open the Carentan Periers road. It was defended by the 6th Fallschirmjager Infantry Regiment (FJR 6) and 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division.

FJR6 House for Rent The Americans had to capture St Georges de Bohon and then the next village Sainteny before they could capture the Periers road road, which was achieved in mid July .After D Day all the inhabitants were ordered to leave these houses. Many of the houses and the church were gone when they returned.

During the restoration many German and American relics have been discovered and some are displayed in the house.The country side in this area has changed very little and is very beautiful and quiet and typically Norman. There are many market towns within an easy short drive and plenty to see and do and the people are the most polite and helpful you could ever meet.

How to get there: The easiest route from the UK is departing from Portsmouth or Poole in the UK to arrive at Cherbourg or Caen (Ouistreham) in France. I would recommend Brittany Ferries for all ferry crossings. Tickets can be booked easily on the website: Brittany Ferries often offering a discount for early bookings.

Once in france what's the best driving route: The best drive to take is then along the N13 to Carentan. From Cherbourg the drive is less than an hour. From Caen, it takes just under one and a half hours.

If I want to Fly: There is no international airport in Normandy but you can fly to Dinard in Brittany. You would then need to hire a car and drive to Normandy. You could travel by train from the UK to Paris then to Carentan although this would cost a lot. A taxi from Carentan to St George De Bohon, which is 4.5 miles should be quite cheap.

What if I have a young family: There are plenty of opportunities to entertain young ones. The area is flat and ideal for cycling into Carentan or to the local patisserie. There is a new indoor swimming pool in Carentan town center which has been highly recommended by other visitors and is open all year and of course there are the famous beaches. Omaha beach is only half an hour away, the beach front has a crazy golf course and a cafe with outdoor seating. There are a few horse riding places nearby, more information can be found in Carentan. There are lots of information leaflets at the house for other tourist attractions in the area, museums, wildlife parks and cider tasting sessions to name but a few.

Is it Private: The house itself is private with neighbours only across the road and over a high hedge to one side of the house. The area is quiet and rural, therefore consideration for neighbours must be shown at all times.

What if I want to book outside your standard weeks: No problem just email or call Andy on 07745288011 or Carl on 07929838395 or email us at this address: andrew100165@yahoo.com for Andy or carl.bishop1@ntlworld.com for Carl.

Can I go digging for relics: I'm sorry but you cannot dig on this property, we have dug everything up! Also, there is the possibility that you will dig up live rounds and they are still lethal! This cottage was both the American and German front lines at various times!

Where are the local amenities: All major amenities are in Carentan but the place for the best bread has to be Sainteny, located in the neighboring village approximately 2 miles away and within walking distance. There is also cider tasing in many of the surrounding villages.

How do you know Fallschirmjager.biz: Mike from Fallschirmjager.biz and I have been friends now for over 5 years. We collect military items and attend military fairs, so when he offered to list our Gíte on his site it seemed a great idea!

What day to do I arrive and depart: You have total flexibility to arrive and leave as you wish. Just email me or call to discuss details. Otherwise the 'standard' weekly arrival & departure period is Sat to Sat. Weekend arrival is Fri and depart Mon. Yes - you get a full weekend for your money!

How do I book: Easy, just call me Andy on 07745288011 or Carl on 07929838395 or email us at this address for Andy: andrew100165@yahoo.com or carl.bishop1@ntlworld.com for Carl. Feel free to ask anything you want as we want to make sure you enjoy your stay and ideally repeat the experience! Click here to view the 2011 availability.

Battle Units around the Carentan - St Georges de Bohon, Area:
FJR6 House for Rent Carentan was defended by two battalions of Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 6 (6th Parachute Regiment), commanded by Oberst Friedrich von der Heydte, and remnants of 91 Air Landing Division's Grenadier-Regiment 1058. Both had escaped from nearby Saint Côme-du-Mont on 8 June when the village was captured by the 101st Airborne. II./FJR6 and III./FJR6 (2nd and 3rd Battalions, 6th Parachute Regiment) were still intact as fighting formations, but III./GR1058 had been nearly destroyed in three days of combat.
The German LXXXIV Corps (84.Korps) reinforced the 6th Parachute Regiment (FJR6) with two Ost battalions and a few survivors of Grenadier-Regiment 914 (German 352nd Infantry Division) following its 9 June defeat at Isigny. Army Group B commander Field Marshal Erwin Rommel ordered von der Heydte to defend the town "to the last man."[6] Otl. von der Heydte positioned the third- and fourth-rate (by German definition) Ost battalions along the Vire-Taute Canal to defend to the east. II./FJR6 he placed across the Carentan end of the causeway, and III./FJR6 dug in to defend against an attack from the north.
FJR6 House for Rent The 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division stationed at Thouars, ostensibly a mechanized infantry division of the OKW Mobile Reserve but without tanks or adequate transport, was ordered on 7 June to move to Normandy following the Allied landings. However it was delayed by shortages of trucks and attacks by Allied aircraft that destroyed bridges over the Loire River and interdicted rail movements.
Advance elements reached Angers on 9 June and Saint-Lô on 10 June, by which time Rommel's main concern was in preventing an attack westward from Carentan to cut off the Cotentin. The 38th Panzergrenadier Regiment formed a mobile battle group to resist V Corps units south of Isigny, and the 37th PzG-Rgt was sent to Carentan.
Waffen SS Panzer grenadier House for Rent The 101st Airborne Division consolidated its forces in Normandy on 9 June. Its three parachute regiments (501st, 502nd, and 506th PIRs) had been badly scattered during their air drops, losing a significant number of men killed and missing as a result, and had suffered further casualties in taking Saint Côme-du-Mont.
Its 327th Glider Infantry Regiment had landed at Utah Beach on D+1 (7th June) and except for its third battalion (the attached 1st Battalion, 401st GIR), had yet to engage in serious combat.
Waffen SS Panzer grenadier House for Rent The 2nd Armored Division, part of the U.S. V Corps, had advanced off Omaha Beach to support the drive of the 175th Infantry Regiment (29th Division) to Isigny. Its Combat Command A (CCA), consisting of M4 Sherman tanks of the 2nd Battalion, 66th Armored Regiment and mechanized infantry of the 3rd Battalion, 41st Armored Infantry Regiment, was available as an armored force reserve for the 101st Airborne.

The Battle around the Carentan - St Georges de Bohon, Area:

To complete the capture of Carentan, Gen. Courtney Hodges of First Army created a task force under Gen. Anthony McAuliffe to coordinate the final assault. The mission to take Hill 30 was reassigned to the 506th PIR, the attack along the Bassin à Flot was renewed, and the 501st PIR was relieved of its defensive positions to circle behind the 327th GIR and approach Hill 30 from the east. The movements were covered by an all-night artillery bombardment of Carentan using naval gunfire, Corps artillery, 4.2-inch mortars, and tank destroyers that had joined the 327th GIR along the eastern canal.

Two battalions of the 506th moved down the Carentan causeway after dark, passed through the 2nd/502nd PIR at 02:00 on 12 June, and marched cross country to Hill 30 (the village of la Billonnerie), which they captured by 05:00.[12] The 1st Battalion took up defensive positions facing south across the highway, while the 2nd Battalion was ordered north to attack the city. The 501st PIR during the night moved into position behind the 327th Glider Infantry, crossed the canal, and reached Hill 30 by 06:30.

Waffen SS Panzer grenadier House for Rent At 06:00 Carentan was attacked from the north by 1st/401st GIR and the south by 2nd/506th PIR. Both units encountered machine gun fire from the rear guard, but the 2nd/506th was also sporadically shelled by artillery to the south of Carentan. Despite this, both units swiftly cleaned out the rear guard in a short fight near the railroad station and met at 07:30 in the center of town.

The 1st/506th PIR engaged in more serious combat south of town when it had to rescue Col. Sink's command post, surrounded because it had pushed too far towards the German lines in the dark.

In the afternoon both the 506th and 501st advanced southwest but after a mile were stopped by heavy contacts with new German units including a few tanks.The 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division had intended to counterattack to retake Carentan, but its assault guns were held up in the assembly areas by Allied air attacks. Instead infantry units dug in on higher ground below the city and battled the paratroopers until dark.

Waffen SS Panzer grenadier House for Rent At dawn on 13 June, the 101st Airborne was about to attack the German line when it was attacked by tanks and assault guns. Two battalions of the 37th Panzergrenadier Regiment, supported by the 17th Panzer Battalion and III./FJR6,struck hard at the 501st PIR on the American left, which fell back under heavy pressure. The left flank companies (Dog and Fox Companies) of the 506th then gave way, and by noon the spearheads of the German attack were within 500 yards of Carentan.

However, Company E of the 506th, commanded by 1st Lt. Richard D. Winters, anchored its right flank against a railroad embankment and held its position. Reinforced by the 2nd/502nd PIR taking position on its right, "Easy" Company slowed the German attack until American tanks could be brought up.

Reacting to an ULTRA warning of the size and threat of the counterattack, Lieutenant General Bradley diverted CCA U.S. 2nd Armored Division (commanded by Brig. Gen. Maurice Rose and near Isigny sur mer) to Carentan at 10:30. At 14:00 CCA attacked, supported by the self-propelled howitzers of the 14th Armored Field Artillery Battalion. One task force of tanks and mechanized infantry surged down the road to Baupte in the 2nd/506th's area and shattered the main German thrust.

Waffen SS Panzer grenadier House for Rent A second task force drove back German forces along the Périers highway, inflicting heavy losses in men and equipment. CCA, followed by the 502nd PIR, then pushed west a mile beyond the original lines.

The counterattack became known anecdotally among the surviving paratroopers as the "Battle of Bloody Gulch".

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