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M1 Medic Helmet 327th Glider Infantry Regiment: This is a refurbished WW2 helmet shell recreating the helmet worn by a Medic of the 327th Glider Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Regimental Headquarters. It is refurbished to look as it would during field conditions, hence there are small dents, scrapes etc. - this is a genuine WW2 helmet!

Unit History:

In June 1944, the decision to drop both the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions simultaneously into Normandy reduced the number of available aircraft to tow the gliders for a glider assault. The 327th Glider Infantry Regiment was ordered to land across Utah Beach with the 4th Infantry Division on D-Day. Its mission was to move to Carentan to cut off the fleeing Germans. Although causalities were high, the mission was accomplished and the Regiment moved back to England to prepare for its next mission.

The next combat operation the Regiment would participate in would be Operation “Market Garden,” the airborne invasion of Holland.The Regiment, along with allied units, endured 73 days of continuous combat. After the fighting settled down, the 327th occupied the front lines for 48 days until ordered to withdraw from Holland.

On 16 December, 1944, the Germans launched an offensive in the west through the Ardennes Forest. The 101st Airborne Division was ordered to the vitally important town of Bastogne. Bastogne was the key to the German counteroffensive and had to be held at all cost by the 101st. The Regiment arrived at Bastogne on 19 December following a hundred mile truck march. The 327th immediately assumed a defensive sector south of Bastogne. By 22 December the Germans had completely surrounded Bastogne and on the 23rd the German Commander offered terms of surrender to General McAuliffe, the acting Division Commander.

His reply was “Nuts.” The German delegation had come through the 327th sector and Colonel Harper was given the responsibility of relaying General McAuliffe’s response.The Germans said they did not understand. Colonel Harper replied, “The reply is decidedly not affirmative – in plain English, it is the same as ‘Go to Hell.’ Men of A Company 327th GIR in Austria circa 1945 (Courtesy: Mike Martin) Although encircled and outnumbered, American forces withstood all attempts by the Germans to take positions, including Germans dressed in American uniforms. The 327th Regiment held for nine days, until relieved by the 4th Armored Division. Despite suffering heavy causalities, the Regiment took 750 prisoners, knocked out 144 Nazi tanks and 105 other enemy vehicles. For its actions as a unit in the defense of Bastogne, the 327th the Regimental motto “Bastogne Bulldog.”

The Shell:

The shell has been refurbished from an original WW2 helmet, it is a front seam swivel bail M1 model as used by the US Airborne in WW2. The painted decals are identical to the WW2 versions and appropriately aged, this helmet is properly aged and looks the part after 60+ years of life span! The inside has been painted but left in its original state in other words the small rust pits and dents are still visible. I have done this to show its originality and out of respect to the helmets original owner!

The 327th 'Clubs' insignia is painted on each side as the originals were, there is a NCO's horizontal stripe at the rear and a medic cross at the front. The chinstrap which is also original has been repaired in several places and has had a had made replacement wire loop attached to the brass chinstrap!

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M1 327 GIR 101 Airborne Helmet
M1 327 GIR 101 Airborne Helmet
M1 327 GIR 101 Airborne Helmet
M1 327 GIR 101 Airborne Helmet
M1 327 GIR 101 Airborne Helmet
M1 327 GIR 101 Airborne Helmet
M1 327 GIR 101 Airborne Helmet
M1 327 GIR 101 Airborne Helmet
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