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Captain Sellers United States Marine Corp Fighter Squadron WW2 Helmet: This is a refurbished WW2 helmet and refurbished & post war components, recreating the helmet worn by a Captain Sellers of the VMF322 United States Marine Corp "Fighting Cocks". It is refurbished to look as it would during field conditions not like other helmets who look as if they have come of the production line, hence there are small dents, scrapes etc. - this is a genuine WW2 helmet and is based on a known original.

Unit History:

Activated as Marine Fighter Squadron 322 (VMF322) on 1 July 1943, the unit began flying F4U-lD Corsairs from Parris Island, South Carolina, under the command of MAJ Fred M. Rauschenbach. The squadron underwent extensive combat flight training following its deployment to Hawaii in January, 1944. Based at Espiritu Santo Island in October of that year, the unit became a component of MAG­33. Combat orders were soon received, directing the squadron to support the amphibious invasion of Okinawa.

The lead support element sustained heavy casualties on 3 April 1945, when their LST was hit during a Kamikaze attack. Despite this loss, by 9 April the Corsairs were staged at Kadena airfield to begin operations in support of the ground battles on Okinawa and Iheya Shima.

Kanoya airfield on Japan's southernmost island of Kyushu was the target on 12 June 1945, when VMF-322 became the first Marine squadron to carry out an attack on the Japanese home islands. The squadron moved to Awase airfield in July of 1945 and remained there until the end of the war. In addition to many close support missions mounted by VMF-322, twenty-nine enemy aircraft kills also were credited to the unit.

Outer Shell:

The shell has been refurbished from an original WW2 helmet, it is a front seam swivel bail M1 model as used by the USMC ground & Airborne units in WW2. The hand painted "Fighting Cocks" decal is identical to the WW2 version and appropriately aged, unlike many many refurbished versions, this helmet is properly aged and looks the part after 60+ years of life span! There are standard WW2 chin straps attached with the 'raised bar' version of the buckle and 'flat end' 'J' hook - both circa 1943. There is a ETO officers strip at the rear, which indicates that the owner was involved in European Theater Operations at some point. This shell would have been worn by pilots looking for extra protection.

Notice the two holes cut by the ground grew to allow the wearing of a flight helmet!

Inner Shell:

The inside has been painted but left in its original state in other words the small rust pits are still visible (although there is very little on this helmet). I have done this to show its originality and out of respect to the helmets original owner! The owners name and rank has been hand painted inside the shell "Capt. Sellers." There is an aged cloth and foam pad in the inside of the helmet. A superb WW2 Pilots USMC Helmet!

The flight helmet is not included in the sale of this helmet.

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M1 USAF VMF-322 American Helmet
M1 USAF VMF-322 American Helmet
M1 USAF VMF-322 American Helmet
M1 USAF VMF-322 American Helmet
M1 USAF VMF-322 American Helmet
M1 USAF VMF-322 American Helmet
M1 USAF VMF-322 American Helmet
M1 USAF VMF-322 American Helmet

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