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M1 Model American WW2 Aircrew Helmet Cut Away: Well what can I say about this one! Try Googling aircrew helmets and you will find very, very few of these. These are rarer than hen's teeth!! This is a genuine WW2 front seam (early war), M1 helmet that has been recreated as a WW2 American Aircrew Helmet.

In the early days of WW2 the Americans did not have purpose made helmets for their aircrew. So, in the interests of self preservation many aircrew had helmets custom made by the aircraft riggers and technicians. This helmet recreates just such a helmet!

The colour's and style have been copied from an original, which is thought to be a air gunners helmet, hence 'Donald Duck' with the machine gun! The decal is an exact reproduction of the original. It has been hand painted as the original has and aged appropriately. Notice the ageing and wear lines to the decal! I am quite happy to send original pictures to interested parties, so you can compare! Disney cartoons were favourites of the American Flight crews of WW2, both Air Force (USAF) and USMC (United States Marine Corp).

The sides have been cut away to allow the flying helmet to fit under the helmet. The helmet has been lined with thick ww2 cloth canvas and also aged superbly. The cut away sides have been edged with stainless steel, copying the stainless steel used on the standard helmet! There are no chinstraps, the aircrew took the same view as the infantry - 'Dont wear chin straps' as a piece of shrapnel or bullet could break your neck with a chin strap!

This helmet took several weeks to produce, its a beauty and I'm very sad to see it go! The flying helmet is not included in this sale.

I will hand paint any rank and name on the inside of the helmet e.g. 'Capt Smith' and of course age this appropriately! Why not have it customised to your name!

Don't miss out - this helmet will not be on my site for long!!

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Please email me if you want to purchase this item, insurance is included with postage costs and the item will be sent 'signed for' delivery!

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M1 American Aircrew Helmet
M1 American Aircrew Helmet
M1 American Aircrew Helmet
M1 American Aircrew Helmet
M1 American Aircrew Helmet
M1 American Aircrew Helmet

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