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General Ridgeway's M1C Model American WW2 Helmet: This is a refurbished WW2 helmet and components, recreating the famous helmet worn by General M. Ridgeway during World War two and Korea.

In August 1942, Ridgeway was promoted to major general and was given command of the 82nd Airborne Division, upon Omar N. Bradley's assignment to the 28th Infantry Division. The division was selected to become one of the army's five airborne divisions, based in no small part on Ridgeway's skill as a trainer, and flexibility of thinking compared to his peers. At that time, the airborne division concept was an experiment for the US Army.

Ridgeway helped plan the airborne invasion of Sicily in July 1943, and commanded the 82nd in combat there. During the planning for the invasion of the Italian mainland, the 82nd was tasked with taking Rome by coup-de-main in Operation Giant II. Ridgeway strongly objected to this unrealistic plan, which would have dropped the 82nd on the outskirts of Rome in the midst of two German heavy divisions. The operation was cancelled only hours before launch.

In 1944, Ridgeway helped plan the airborne operations on Operation Overlord. In the Normandy operations, he jumped with his troops, who fought for 33 days in advancing to St-Sauveur near Cherbourg (St Sauveur le Vicomte, in the middle of the Cotentin Peninsula, was liberated on June 14th 1944). In September of 1944, Ridgeway was given the command of the XVIII Airborne Corps and led his troops into Germany. In June 1945 he was promoted to lieutenant general. He jumped with the 17th Airborne Division in Operation Varsity and was wounded in the shoulder by German grenade fragments on March 24, 1945

Outer Shell:

The shell has been refurbished from an original WW2 helmet, it is a front seam swivel bail M1C model as used by the US Airborne in WW2. The painted decals are identical to the WW2 versions and appropriately aged, unlike many many replicas this helmet is properly aged and looks the part after 60+ years of lifespan! The inside has been painted but left in its original state in other words the rust pits are still visible. I have done this to show its originality and out of respect to the helmets original owner! 'Ridgeway' is painted on the inside rear rim.

Inner Liner:

This has been converted to a M1C Airborne liner. All the straps are in good condition except one has worn on the liner headband and split, expected in helmets of this age! The leather sweatband is intact as is the nape strap. The leather chinstrap has been aged, again to replicate the famous helmet in its current state. There is the standard leather strap at the front and the paratroopers chinstrap at the rear. The liner is also marked 'Ridgeway' at the rear. I think the pictures do the talking!

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M1C American Paratrooper Helmet
M1C American Paratrooper Helmet
M1C American Paratrooper Helmet
M1C American Paratrooper Helmet
M1C American Paratrooper Helmet
M1C American Paratrooper Helmet
M1C American Paratrooper Helmet
M1C American Paratrooper Helmet
M1C American Paratrooper Helmet

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