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Here you will find useful information relating to World War Two Fallschirmjäger unirs. Please feel free to email me with any coments or improvements to this information.
1. Fallschirmjaeger Battalion 500 / 600. In 1943 orders were given by the Führer to raise an SS Airborne formation. This unit was often referred to as a penal unit but was in fact made up of both volunteers and SS military prisoners who had been charged of minor offences. Dishonoured men of all ranks of the SS could redeem themselves in this Battalion and once joined had their rank restored.
2. 1st Parachute Division. In October 1938, the decision was made to raise the 7th Flieger (Air) Division. This was to be an élite paratroop formation intended for vertical envelopment operations against enemy defenses. The commander chosen to lead the 7th Flieger Division was Major-General Kurt Student.
3. 2nd Parachute Division. In January 1943 the OKW decided to raise a second élite German Fallschirmjäger division. The formation commenced in March and would include the veteran 2nd Fallschirmjäger Regiment, recently detached from the 1st Fallschirmjäger division. The division would also incorporate troops from the remnants of several other airborne units that had suffered heavy losses in recent battles.

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