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German Paratrooper M38 Spanner Bolt Tool - Schraubenschlüssel: This tool is used for tightening and loosening the spanner bolts on a Paratroopers M38 Model helmet.
This tool has been made from an original and has been engineered from high quality steel on the body and hardened steel on the engagement shafts. Finally it has been sandblasted
and left in a natural steel. The originals were made by Eisenhüttewerk Thale/Harz in Germany and this tool has also been designed and made in Germany.

The M38 German Fallschirmjager or Fallschirmjäger Helmet (Deutscher Fallschirmjägerhelm), was the first war production version (After the M36 and M37 versions)
and used the spanner bolts to hold the liner to the shell and the chinstraps to the liner. The Schraubenschlüssel is an incredibly rare item to get hold off as an original. Due to its size and limited field availability it went missing very frequently. There are also very few pictures of them available - try a Google search!

This tool has been tested on five original helmets and it fits all the spanner bolts. However it will not fit some reproduction helmets bolts due to them being made in different sizes!
This item is the perfect accompanyment to your replica or genuine World War Two German Airborne helmet. It is perfect for both display and reenactment as well as being used for maintenance on your helmet! The helmets below are not for sale, they demonstrate the tool being used on an original (and relic), helmet and a replica helmet to demonstrate how well it fits!

Finally, you can have the tool in one of three finishes - sandblasted steel new, black treated and rusted. All three are perfectable servicable, it is just the finish that differs!

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M37 Chinstraps
German Schraubenschlüssel On Original Relic Helmet:
M38 German Helmet Bolt Tool
German Schraubenschlüssel On Replica Helmet:
M38 German Helmet Bolt Tool
German Schraubenschlüssel Treated Black:
M38 German Helmet Bolt Tool
German Schraubenschlüssel Rusted:
M38 German Helmet Bolt Tool

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