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Reproduction Pickelhaube Helmet: This is reproduction German Pickelhaube helmet, used during the 19th Century through to WWI. This is a first class reproduction and shows 100+ years of ageing.

As in all of my helmets I pay particular attention to detail, notice the wear and ageing to the leather, not bright and new. The metalwork is dark and shows signs of mild corrosion (green patina). I have also aged the inside of the helmet and all accessable areas! This one is also slightly damaged as the front left 'wing' is detached slightly adding to the original effect!

Frederick William IV introduced the Pickelhaube for use by the majority of Prussian infantry on October 23, 1842 by a royal cabinet order. The use of the Pickelhaube spread rapidly to other German principalities. Oldenburg adopted it by 1849, Baden by 1870, and in 1887, the Kingdom of Bavaria was the last German state to adopt the Pickelhaube. During the second half of the 19th century, the armies of a number of nations besides Russia (including Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Portugal, Norway, and Sweden) adopted the Pickelhaube or something very similar. The Pickelhaube also influenced the design of the British army Home Service helmet, as well as the custodian helmet worn by police in England to this day.

The basic Pickelhaube was made of hardened (boiled) leather, given a glossy-black finish, and reinforced with metal trim (usually plated with gold or silver for officers) that included a metal spike at the crown. Early versions had a high crown, but the height gradually was reduced and the helmet became more fitted in form. In 1867 an attempt at weight reduction by removing part of the front and rear peaks did not prove successful.

Some versions of the Pickelhaube worn by German artillery units employed a ball-shaped finial rather than the pointed spike. Prior to the outbreak of World War I in 1914 detachable black or white plumes were worn with the pickehaube in full dress by German generals, staff officers, dragoon regiments, infantry of the Prussian Guard and a number of line infantry regiments as a special distinction.

If you have aquired a brand new reproduction Pickelhaube helmet and fed up of it looking as if it has just come off the production line, then why not allow me to age it for you? Ageing to the level in the below helmet is just £60 a small price to pay considering the original cost and the price of originals. If you are interested contact me!

This helmet would make a superb item in your Pickelhaube collection.

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Pickelhaube Helmet
Pickelhaube Helmet
Pickelhaube Helmet
Pickelhaube Helmet
Pickelhaube Helmet
Pickelhaube Helmet
Pickelhaube Helmet
Pickelhaube Helmet
Pickelhaube Helmet
Pickelhaube Helmet

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