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M37 Model with M38 liner German Para Helmet Saint Lo Normandy: In July 1944 Saint Lo was a major strategic road and railway junction for the Allies and German troops. This helmet depicts one used by the German para units in and around Saint Lo and in particular the heavy fighting for Hill 192.

This is a reproduction of a Luftwaffe (Air Force), German Para Helmet. It is based on a very rare M37 model shell, with early pattern helmet bolts. It has been modified using M38 liner which was common practice in mid-late war when earlier produced models were pressed into service. Notice the slots at the side of the helmet and the extra holes for retaining the original liner at the sides and rear. The helmet has been painted originally in Luftwaffe blue/grey and has been over painted in typical Normandy green/tan prior the addition of the camouflage cover and wire basket.

The decals are 95% intact and both decals have been painted over by the owner and are 90% visible due to wear. The owner has has name painted inside the helmet rim - 'Major Muller' . The major has added a standard Luftwaffe German para helmet cover and also a custom made wire basket.

The straps even show very good wear & ageing in many places! There is even a partial luftwaffe shell acceptance stamp inside the dome, which can be viewed by pulling back the lower liner (see photographs below).

This German paratrooper helmet would make a superb item in your paratrooper collection. It would also make a great filler till you get a genuine M37 'Normandy - Saint Lo ' German para helmet which is highly unlikely as very few M37's survived the war and those that did are very expensive!

This item comes in a suitable aged box and a 'send home' label! A great present for the military collector!

Finally, this helmet is still ageing, I will continue to age it until it has sold! The wire basket will start to rust and this in turn will start to stain the camouflage cover. You can decide how long you want this ageing to continue if you purchase this para helmet!

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