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M35 Model Waffen SS M31 Liner: This is a superb reproduction of a M35 early war SS 'Totenkopf' Division helmet. It has the original field grey paint scheme overpainted with a dark 'vehicle' green, which was the same colour used on the French Tanks. A very sought after piece of German militaria!

It has the early pattern museum quality 'SS' runes on the right hand side and the national swastica on the left hand side, both showing appropriate wear and ageing. This combination of decals was discontinued later in the war. You can notice from the paintwork that it was well used prior to the application of the green paint, which itself has received much wear, further adding to the authenticity!

The M31 pattern liner is stamped '61' (metric size) and the inner shell 'ET68' and '1962'which are the manaufacturer, size (metric) and batch numbers. There has been a rivet repair to the left hand side of the chinstrap and the buckle comes from a genuine M35 Helmet!

Finally the helmet has been cleaned up and lightly polished to reflect an enthusiastic collectors ownership! This helmet is fully wearable for the re-enactor and would look fantastic as a display item. The only helmet better than this is a genuine 'Totenkopf' Division one in this condition and that would worth several thousand! A great German Waffen SS Militaria item!


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