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M37 Model Fallschirmjägerhelm (Paratrooper Helmet) Waffen SS: Is based on a very rare M37 model shell, with standard helmet pins retained at the front but has been modified using M38 liner and of course early pattern spanner bolts at the rear. This was common practice in mid-late war when earlier produced models were pressed into service. What makes this helmet even more impressive is that it has the Waffen SS decal and not the Luftwaffe or Army one.

This helmet belonged to a member of the Waffen SS Fallschirmjager Battalion 500/600. This battalion fought in Yugoslavia and mainly eastern Europe. Taking part in the attempted capture of Tito and the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes.

The helmet comes with the camouflage cover which has protected the apple green paintwork almost 100%, although the cover has been eaten away by rodents.

Notice the two M37 model strap retaining 'slots' at the sides of the helmet and the two M37 holes at the front and one at the rear.

The inner lining is very well maintained yet aged, again to reflect the period of use and 60+ years of ageing. The lining rubber is black/grey to reflect a typical M38 lining. There are two faded stamps in the liner leather. The helmet shell is stamped with both size and batch numbers!

This helmet would make a superb item in your Waffen SS Battalion 500/600 Fallschirmjäger collection. This is not a cheap paint job as found on most well known auction sites - effort and time has been spent to get it 'correct' which is extremely difficult to do while preserving the paint.

This item also comes with an address label stamped Jan 1945 and addressed from an 82'd US Airborne Sergeant to a lady in Washington DC and a suitable aged box! A great present for the military collector!


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