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Fallschirmjager.Biz online Store - German Repro Items: M37 Model Fallschirmjägerhelm (Paratrooper Helmet) Heer (Army) M38 Liner: It is based on a very rare M37 model shell, with standard helmet pins retained at the front but has been modified using M38 liner and of course early pattern spanner holes. This was common practice in mid-late war when earlier produced models were pressed into service. As you can see the eagle and national colours decals are museum quality 2'd version and 99% intact. What makes this helmet even more impressive is that it has the Army decal and not the Luftwaffe one. It has been over sprayed in Mediterranean sand colour and has had very heavy wear. Notice the two M37 model strap retaining 'slots' at the front of the helmet.

The inner lining is very well maintained yet aged, again to reflect the period of use and 60+ years of ageing. The lining rubber is orange to reflect a very early M38 lining. There are two stamps in the liner leather.

This helmet would make a superb item in your Fallschirmjäger collection. It would make a great filler till you get a genuineM37 Heer camouflage helmet. although this is very unlikely as there are only a handful that survived WW2. This is not a cheap paint job as found on most well known auction sites - effort and time has been spent to get it 'correct'!

This item comes in a suitable aged box! A great present for the military collector!


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