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German M40 Waffen SS Croatian Helmet : This is a genuine German WW2 helmet painted originally in field green and repainted post WW2 in white winter camouflage colour. It is a double decal 62 sized helmet with post war liner, Waffen SS and Croatian decals and SS RZM chinstrap.

Croatian WW2 History: Over the course of the Second World War many Croatians choose not to serve in the various branches of the Armed Forces of the Independent State of Croatia, but instead volunteered for service in one of the military forces of Croatia's Axis allies, namely with Germany, or to a lesser degree, with Italy.

Croatians served in all branches of the German Wehrmacht the Waffen SS and the SS Police. The following listings is of the units and formations known to have been made up of Croatian volunteers in the service of the German Armed Forces: (Many Croatians served within other units on an individual basis, but their numbers and exact stories are not known to history due to the nature of their individual service.) The 369th Reinforced Infantry Regiment, 369th "Devil's" Division, 373rd "Tiger" Division, 392nd "Blue" Division, the Croatian Air force Legion, The Croatian Naval Legion, the 13th Waffen SS Mountain Division "Handschar", the 23rd Waffen SS Mountain Division "Kama", "Croatia" Police Regiments 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, Police Anti-Tank Company "Croatia", and Gendarmerie Division "Croatia".

The Helmet: This is an extremely nice Croatian Waffen SS Volunteer helmet finished in winter camouflage, with lots of light rusting throughout and post war liner and maker marked RZM SS chinstrap. The decals are the Waffen SS and the Croatian shield.

The helmet shell has a batch marking of 939E. It is marked SE62 to the left hand side. Notice how the SS Runic shield is partly exposed and the wear to the Croatian decal! The leather on the chinstrap is nice and dry and cracking in places and the liner has been worn suitably! Parts of the field green paint are visible on the outside and inside!

A very sought after helmet and very desirable in this size (62)! As you will know 100% genuine examples of these Croatian helmets sell for thousands of pounds, this one is a bargain!

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M40 Waffen SS Croatian Helmet
M40 Waffen SS Croatian Helmet
M40 Waffen SS Croatian Helmet
M40 Waffen SS Croatian Helmet
M40 Waffen SS Croatian Helmet
M40 Waffen SS Croatian Helmet
M40 Waffen SS Croatian Helmet
M40 Waffen SS Croatian Helmet
M40 Waffen SS Croatian Helmet

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