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German M42 Waffen SS Das Reich Normandy/Belgium Helmet : This is a genuine German WW2 helmet painted originally in field grey and repainted post WW2 in Normandy campaign tan, brown and green camouflage colour's. It is a single decal 64 sized helmet with post war liner, decal and chinstrap.

Das Reich Normandy & Belgium History: After the D-Day invasion in Normandy, France, Das Reich was committed to stop the Allied advance, and took part in the attempts to stop the Allies near Caen and St. Lo alongside the 12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend and the elite German Panzer Lehr Division. Das Reich panzer commander Ernst Barkmann became famous for the creation of Barkmann's Corner, where he destroyed numerous American tanks in small skirmishes. The Division recaptured Mortain, but was forced to retreat when it became apparent the Allies were going to encircle the Division along with a large number of other German units in the Falaise pocket. Thanks to the efforts of Das Reich along with the 9th SS Panzer Division Hohenstaufen, a large number of German forces were able to escape the pocket and retreat to the east.

Pulled back across the Seine River and then behind the West Wall fortifications in Germany, the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich. took part in the operations to punch through the Ardennes Forest to reclaim the port of Antwerp on 16 December 1944. Coming within 23 miles (37 km) of the River Meuse, the Division was halted at Manhay on 25 December, and then slowly smashed by fierce Allied counter-attacks.

The Helmet: This is a very nice Normandy and 'Bulge' campaign camouflaged helmet with lots of light rusting throughout and post war liner and chinstrap marked 'DRP 1940' The decal is the early war SS runes.

The helmet shell has a batch marking of 427. It is marked hkp64 to the rear. Notice how the SS Runic shield shines brightly as do many of the originals! The leather on the chinstrap is nice and dry and cracking in places and the liner has been worn suitably! The owners name 'SS F. Zhan' is marked on the rear skirt and there is a faint Heer Acceptance stamp inside the shell top.

A very sought after helmet and very desirable in this size (64)! As you will know 100% genuine examples of these helmets sell for thousands of pounds, this one is a bargain!

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M42 Waffen SS Das Reich Helmet
M42 Waffen SS Das Reich Helmet
M42 Waffen SS Das Reich Helmet
M42 Waffen SS Das Reich Helmet
M42 Waffen SS Das Reich Helmet
M42 Waffen SS Das Reich Helmet
M42 Waffen SS Das Reich Helmet
M42 Waffen SS Das Reich Helmet
M42 Waffen SS Das Reich Helmet

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