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German M40 Waffen SS (Schutzstaffeln), Parade Helmet : This is a genuine German WW2 helmet painted in satin black with post war decals and name. It has the early pattern 'SS' runes on the right hand side and the national swastika on the left hand side, both showing appropriate wear and ageing. This combination of decals was discontinued later in the war. The helmet was originally field grey in colour and this can still be seen on the inside, just like the originals.

The helmet has two markings: '397' at the rear edge - which is the batch or production number and ET64 which is the manufacturer name and helmet size (64). There is an acceptance stamping on the crown of the shell.

There is a name painted inside the rear rim 'Fernschild. O. SS Deutschland'. There is no liner leather but the metal liner is original and the chinstrap is a high quality replica with a late war 'RB' Number. The decals have a protective lacquer, as the original decals would have had. This helmet would have belonged to a member of the 'Deutschland' SS Regiment.

There are believed to be less than 10 original versions of the satin black double decal SS M40 helmets existing. I repeat the helmet is 100% genuine and the decals are post war! A great item for the Waffen SS, Allgemeine SS, or German Helmet collector!

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M40 SS Helmet
M40 SS Helmet
M40 SS Helmet
M40 SS Helmet
M40 SS Helmet
M40 SS Helmet
M40 SS Helmet
M40 SS Helmet
M40 SS Helmet
M40 SS Helmet

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