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German M45 Heer Helmet : This is a genuine German WW2 M42 helmet painted in field grey and restored to a M45 version. It is marked with the Heer (Army), decal and has the owners name as well as batch, size, Heer decal and makers mark.

The M45 is one of the rarest and controversial helmets out there, the genuine article will sell for £5,000 upwards! They did exist but there is strong debate over why it was manufactured. Some historians advise it was just a design flaw on the M42 i.e. no air vents punched, while others advise it was a design model to speed up production and save costs in the dying months of the war. It is thought that these were first produced around March 1945. There are a few period photographs with them being used, so we know they existed, but the reason is unknown. Now is your chance to own one at an affordable price!

The helmet has two stampings: 'EF64' and '3488' at the rear edge, which are the manufacturer, size(64) and batch/production numbers. The owners name and field Post number is painted on the rear 'Hubber. M.A. FP273111'. The name looks very white on the photographs, this is just the flash, they have been aged appropriate for a helmet that would have only been worn for a few months maximum. The Heer decal is 'yellowing' in several places but is otherwise mint!

There is no liner or chin strap, and there is a very light long dent on the crown and the paintwork is in its original condition of field grey, I have not touched the original colouring!

The helmet is 100% genuine WW2 German and the model restification and decal are post war! A great item for the Heer or German military helmet collector.

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M45 Helmet
M45 Helmet
M45 Helmet
M45 Helmet
M45 Helmet
M45 Helmet
M45 Helmet
M45 Helmet
M45 Helmet
M45 Helmet
German WW2 M45 Helmet in use

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